About Us

BorrowMe is a peer-to-peer lending and renting platform that connects individuals who own underused items with people who need them temporarily. The platform benefits everyone. Lenders make money, borrowers save money, and the Earth's toxic load is reduced—one platform to help them all.

BorrowMe encourages a sharing economy, providing an alternative to conventional arrangements of buying and using things. People can now spend less on products and storage, while at the same time contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment. 

Most of all, BorrowMe is designed to help people connect and build a community of like-minded individuals, foster new experiences, provide sustainable solutions, and preserve the planet. 

BorrowMe benefits everyone

With BorrowMe, lenders make money helping neighbors with a cost-effective alternative to spending money while also protecting the environment.

For borrowers, BorrowMe presents the opportunity to rent rather than buy items, allowing them to solve the task at hand, saving cash and storage space.

As an online sharing marketplace, lenders and renters can connect and build a community of people who help each other to live happy and self-sufficient lives.